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Who are we?

Welcome to Northstar Overland. My name is Josh, and I am the one who will be leading you on this journey. Northstar Overland started as an idea between my brother and myself to introduce people to the world of off-roading and camping (overlanding). We have combined to own 9 Jeeps but he has since sold his TJ and isn’t currently doing any overlanding, though he can’t wait to get back into a Land Rover (that’s a story for another time) and rejoin on our pursuits. I am continuing on the journey we started together.

I grew up in a small rural town in central Minnesota. My family’s idea of a getaway or vacation was to go camping to one of the 67 State Parks that call Minnesota home. We would also take week plus long vacations to National Parks outside of Minnesota, or State Parks in Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Canada. I started camping when I was two weeks old. I would have gone at one week old, but my father’s home town was celebrating their town fair weekend and he was marching in the parade.

As I grew older and left college I got away from camping with different moves and jobs but finally got back into camping when my now wife and I were first dating.  I discovered overlanding when I ordered my first Jeep JK, though I didn’t start getting into it more until about 2014.  My first real introduction into overlanding statrted when Expedition Overland began posting their videos on YouTube.  Fast forward to April of 2015 when Northstar Overland was created, although under a different idea.

Northstar Overland was originally going to be about installing off-road accessories, lifts, and other parts. Since both my brother and I were working full time jobs, and a lot of overlanders like doing things themselves, it never really evolved as we originally intended.  Currently, it has morphed into more of an online presence with trip and how-to videos (to come), as well as social media, and a website/blog. It has been a long slow process, but we’re starting to see some progress, especially on Instagram.

Some of you may be wondering how we came up with the name Northstar Overland. Well, everyone who has a group, or business involved in overlanding has overland or expedition in their names it seems, so we didn’t buck the status quo on that. As far as Northstar goes, Minnesota is known as the North Star state, and since we are based out of Minnesota, it made sense, so Northstar Overland it is.

Stay tuned for more posts and updates on social media as well as some new YouTube videos. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out, we love to talk to anyone and everyone about overlanding.



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