Blue Ridge Overland Gear Got to Go Bag

Today we’re going to review the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Got to Go Bag. I bought this bag just under two years ago from Blue Ridge Overland Gear after reading some reviews by other people on some of their other products. I was leery spending $140 on a bag from a company I had no previous experience with, but with reviews of the company from other overlanders it helped ease my doubt.

The reason I chose this bag was because I was looking for something that would be able to hold up to the harsh Minnesota climate, as well as look good at work.

To start, let’s get the specifications of the bag. Blue Ridge Overland Gear lists this bag at 12″ high, 6″ wide, and 13.5″ long.  It is constructed of 500D nylon cordura. All of the hardware is ITW, and it has many webbing loops for MOLLE/PALS pouches. The front is also covered in loop Velcro so you can attach other pouches, or patches. The interior of the bag is bright orange, with a padded laptop pouch, and loop Velcro around the inside. there are two separate compartments on the interior of the bag. The front flap of the bag also contains a zippered pocket which is orange on the interior. At the back of the bag is an additional pocket that almost has a neoprene feel (toward the laptop pouch).

40 oz. Kleen Kanteen Pouch
Back of the Got to Go Bag, note the pad in the middle. You can convert the bag to be carried around your back.

I got this bag in November of 2015 and immediately put it to work. It has gotten salt stains on the bottom, has carried text books, as well as my daily gear. I have used this bag everyday to go to work, and have brought it along on trips. It looks as at home in the office as it does on the trail. I’ve slammed the shoulder strap in the door of my Jeep and driven on wet, salty roads in the winter without realizing.

Inside the Kleen Kanteen Pouch
Top of the pocket on the front flap.
Bottom of the front flap pocket.
ITW Hardware
Webbing for attaching MOLLE/PALS items.
Perfect spot for a small flashlight.

It can easily fit my IFAK, as well as my umbrella, pens, and many other items. I’ve stuffed this bag full, and not once has it given me an issue. I added a 40 oz. Kleen Kanteen pouch so I was able to bring water bottles with me to work. I also added a Velcro IFAK pouch to stick to the inside of the bag, and have had that in there for the last year.

A look at how everything is inside.
Inside the padded slot for a laptop.
How I have my IFAK placed inside, and the additional room I still have.
Loop Velcro all the way around adds an additional layer of protection.

The major gripe I had about the bag, and left it on a review on their website was the lack of a sleeve for pens. You could put them in the front flap, but everytime you open it, they’d move around and you’d have to go fish for them. A few months after I left that review I noticed they started making velcro pen pouches. I bought a couple of those and stuck them on the inside and solved my problem.

Pen pouches

If you’re looking for an everday adventure bag or a bag to take your stuff to work, I highly recommend checking out the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Got to Go Bag. It is high quality, and can hold up to just about anything you can throw at it. I was leery at first, but after having used it for almost two years, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

You can find yours at

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I purchased this bag on my own, and received no discounts other than finding a 10% off code online.

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